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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2011 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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welcome to the lower show we'll get the real headlines with none of them or see or hear live in washington d.c. now tonight we're going get a live update from on the ground in oakland where unions local businesses even city workers are all expected to join the occupy oakland movement for a general strike as they're calling it then while people continue to occupy cities across the u.s. looks like some people on capitol hill might be getting the message in pieces were his base and his pairing of the young turks about an amendment that was introduced to overturn the citizens united ruling and we'll speak to dean baker to hash out a proposed transaction tax other countries haven't acted but how has wall street in a fight back against the effort here why have all that morphy tonight including a dose of happy hour but first let's take a look at the mainstream media has decided to miss. our well it's another day the mainstream media is still going absolutely crazy over
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the herman cain sexual harassment story or maybe non-story now as i mentioned yesterday this kind of stuff is the bread and butter that catnip of the mainstream media and let's admit viewers always love to get the juicy details of a good scandal too it's like high school goss it doesn't matter which side you're on you still want to know everything about everybody and the gossip mongers now are the mainstream media are happy to provide. herman cain is surging in the polls but he's now fighting factional harassment allegations herman cain still not being able to shake the sexual harassment story following him to every interview now one of cain's accusers is trying to cancel her confidante a confidentiality agreement so she can tell her story her attorney joel bennett says the only thing stopping his client from going public is a confidentiality agreement and he says that it's clear these are political rivals who are fanning the flames of this controversy here in new york times reporters putting a price on one point or female staff member silence thirty five thousand dollars came in says he never sexually harassed anyone. now you know what i find funny here
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it's some of these anchors act legitimately surprised that this story is following him everywhere he goes interview or interview he really is that shocking to you considering that you've been feeding the frenzy yourselves twenty four hours a day for the last few days spare me the feigned look of surprise if something he has a shady past and wants to be the president of the united states it's probably good for us to know about it but here is this really gets me is that even though people like to know it doesn't mean that it'll change their opinion or influence their decision take for example the fact of the mainstream media themselves admitted that herman cain is still surging in the polls a new rasmussen poll shows that he has a double digit lead over mitt romney in south carolina and iowa reports show that no one really cares all that much in fact one headline literally said iowans that yawn at herman cain allegations and why sexual harassment allegations don't bother americans or if they should bother americans that's a separate conversation that can be had why the mainstream media thinks that this
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is the most important thing in the world why the economy occupy wall street our wars in iraq and afghanistan why those should be thrown on the back burner that's a conversation that needs to be had right now the news is supposed to inform educate make us smarter not more doma but they're doing the exact opposite which is why i'm guessing that they care more about herman cain's possible past of the national restaurant association and the fact of the man is not fit to be president for many other more important reasons you know i've gone on rants before about how completely unaware he is when it comes to foreign policy but let me give you a new and very sad and yet very real example here is herman cain talking about china on news hour and whether or not they're in military threat. yes no military threat they indicated that they are trying to develop nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have so yes we have to consider them a military threat. if you catch that little thing that he said there we know they're trying to develop nuclear capabilities harman darling china already has
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nukes lots of them we don't know the exact number it's estimated to be somewhere between one hundred four hundred most commonly used figure about two hundred forty but still enough nukes to do a lot of damage and a lot of destruction and one more thing herman china has had those nukes and a first test of them in one thousand nine hundred sixty four so this isn't some new development you just missed this isn't a fact of life throughout your life and didn't you say you've been studying up on foreign policy over the last couple of months. anyway and after i got herman lets get back to the mainstream media this guy is an idiot and they feel no need to call him out for it and show the country why he is indeed not fit to be president you want somebody to be the commander in chief of the armed forces who has no idea what other countries are nuclear powers because i don't but apparently the mainstream media thinks that a sex scandal when there are still very few details available to prove anything is much more important to point out to try and discredit him than a real life scandal one of
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a lack of intelligence which has been proven over and over again but that's of the mainstream media has chosen to miss. well today occupy oakland is holding a huge gathering something they're calling a general strike thousands are expected to participate including local business owners in the area and here's a picture of a men's warehouse store that actually closed their doors for the day now a number of years have shown their support for this event and although the strike wasn't planned enough in advance to legally allow those union members to strike they have expressed their solidarity and they've said the employees might use their days off or simply leave work early to join city officials have also agreed to let non-essential workers use vacation days leaving a few people out there very confused mainly the oakland police union which attacked mayor jean quan for her flip flop on occupy oakland and making the police come out
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as the bad guys so let's get all the details from on the ground to see how this strike is panning out joining me is our t.v. producer lucy catherine off lucy thanks so much for joining us so you know tell us what it looks like down there is there a big turnout today. there is churned out. here trying to get. so bad because there are now since you're just where the sauce craps out. looking in front of me and out literally thousands students left classes to come out here or basically have been spending all morning going on these little mini marches around the city but last one as you mentioned earlier economies that are violent receives the most part small. harshad or bigger marches. hard so can you tell us is there
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a large police presence too because i know that they had said every oakland police officer forget about your vacation days if you have a day off you better come to work. yeah i don't know maybe maybe they're working maybe they're getting in some giant buffy shop somewhere but a lot of the weirdest thing is i have literally not seen a single leaves office for some time in here from yesterday evening i was named actually i had gotten out a few blocks away from here i saw what these officer had that's not really the extent of the rest of so you know i spoke to a lot of the protesters here and they don't know whether or not this is a tray or whether to wait for the other shoe to drop one interesting side note as i was driving up. i think that i think we may have lost a very think we're going to. back to back row. keep yeah we'll argue for a second so tell us you're going to tell us about a side note something that you noticed when you were driving up. yes yes taxi
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driver told officers i've been training at the coliseum here for the march separate house perhaps one of these guys go out of fort cops about what the police presence there are now surprisingly low. i compare that because you would occupy wall street for weeks on end how would you compare the mood or the entire environment from wall street to occupy oakland. natives such as rustic difference here airing whatever stock you're actually one of the things that struck me is they have sort of expressed about these different people said i can't sing before the general assembly but at the same time it's as they're starting more light hearted atmosphere there are a lot more are sort of militant at their point you know one of the things i noticed . your talk to protesters what they are for you know if there is capitalism for example. tiptoed around the issue you know smoke very very carefully and they sort of want to watch their words and not really smear on middle america not the case
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here what here say they are firmly opposed campbell of them they are signaling the system as it is and they're going to. do whatever it takes to change things more of a sort of a rest stance towards the steps here now obviously is a park is where the entire movement started in september and oakland has been going for a couple of weeks but the last week or so has really drawn a lot of attention there because of the clashes with police because of scott olsen do they feel like now they're becoming the focal point or the the center of the occupy movement there. oh absolutely and several of the elements this morning. in letters of what it was all a very robust far away as pakistan for example and egypt even here and very much aware of the fact world is watching that almost. this isn't on. the summit today not so much i mean i mean if you have a day regardless of what happens with the strike if they are it wants to shut down
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the u.s. and really start to work on to get even larger than any. consequence just for the rest of the on my watch because i want to. ask. you the movement has a very western tactic. they don't perceive. much one doesn't like and i wouldn't use sort revolution and the potential is very very. i want to ask you how people are reacting to this open letter that the oakland police ian decided to write basically telling me thanks a lot you flip flop you told us to go out and arrest these people to clear the park then suddenly you decided that you support them or letting city workers take the day off and what are we supposed to do work on the middle and you make us look like the bad guys i'm just wondering if people are being sympathetic to the police unions arguments here or if they really do see them as the bad guys. i mean
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i think there's the fact that older organized or going to make when they're public but. not that they're. going to buy that what. have you and. i think would be hard pressed to find any protests here that feel like really on their side although it is worth pointing out that. you know. the hard part of. what. are you think of that rap and what other. hear about it but i haven't made there. just curious what's the plan for the rest of the night you said is a big march is to go trying to close down the oakland port you think that's going
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to be a success. in the fact. that the reason that the puzzle here before the connection is so bad because there are so many people right now rallying getting out of our park. this morning we're now. partially shut down for me but workers. that's already affecting up there because of various on what workers can officially of. course strike and the reason they're going to be gathering there about are not. perfect but from. a lot of. people were care i. think the question is whether all the police officers will perhaps. or. i lose i want to thank you so much for filling us in and hopefully we'll keep getting more
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details but it looks like so far this day is a success over there oakland thanks. now last week iraq war veteran scott olsen was critically injured by a tear gas canister thrown by police i don't buy oakland one week later iraq veterans against the war marched in new york city to express their solidarity with the ninety nine percent are to correspond to a can never ports on the march on why an increasing number of veterans are identifying with this occupy movement. i think. a marine outraged with police treatment of occupy wall street protesters they didn't like it . has inspired a movement america's war veterans have come out on to the streets of new york to publicly support the occupy wall street movement let's find out what has led them out here to our constitutional rights are being curtailed and we'll serve for them . another catalyst for anger former iraq war veteran scott olsen unconscious after
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being injured in occupy oakland protests last week but you know what you heard of it with a moment of silence the veterans show this for tallaght he just will fly with them what do you think about veterans joining occupy wall street do you think it's a strong message after scott olsen better into untouchable. veterans of all ages who have served their country at war are now fighting for change at home better is definitely do represent many of the struggles that all americans are going through we have extremely high unemployment rates low these veterans also see themselves as the ninety nine percent the very wealthy are not paying their fair share and so forth so i believe that and i think most people do so i'm here to support that traditionally these veterans have been standing up against america's wars but today past their stock exchange calling for
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a complete revamp of america's financial system what makes you angry about the system right now i feel like corporations and banks and wall street currently have a disproportionately large voice in our government as compared to the citizens i feel like citizens of america deserve a government that will listen to them be accountable to them and be transparent and right now we don't have that. iraq veterans against the were marching through the streets of new york city to get says a comedy part the biggest occupy wall street into. in the u.s. war veterans are greeted at the occupy wall street you are gambling with the cheers of people here believe that veterans joining the crowds will give more credibility to the minutemen to. the fact that they're ready now to really open their voice and let it be heard. because it credible and i think it's really going to help with the movement and a huge way as a world trade center first responder i'm right up there with them as a matter of fact because like them i myself have got literally spit on by the
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system even those not active in the protests are supportive you have to be a veteran myself and i'm not surprised that they would do that since. they're very conscious of what's happening in this country right now so i didn't know they were joined even very happy to hear that tens of thousands of soldiers are supposed to return from iraq when the people here say this will only amplify the number of outrage that it's already night and states who say they have been found but yet it's the first time that americans done by the two thousand and eight meltdown have reacted and you can just feel that small is the still maybe and it's large enough it's supported by an enormous percentage of americans to some degree or another i think it's a real change of mood in america but you know a change of mood increasingly difficult to ignore with those who fought for the u.s. abroad now forced to fight for the u.s. at home and r.t.
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new york. well still to come tonight money and politics it's a toxic combination that's only gotten worse since the citizens united ruling by the supreme court but now a group of lawmakers are moving to correct that issue. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street they have. leads and tips. to try to get the status of the human experiment. we see this rap music would. be trying to. really come to me and it's all came to us
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financial templates. to me to put into the markets and you don't want to be seen trade imbalances recession look keep the nations close to come see us like look close. to fail aaa banks again be a little like you see us question seven and. seeing. the i.m.f. spokesman just programs increase the total economy. well here's a quick update for you guys tonight russian businessman victor boot was convicted
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this afternoon in new york on charges of attempting to sell weapons to a colombian terror group and the case has been watched closely both here in the u.s. and in russia back in two thousand and ten the u.s. used political pressure to have extradited from thailand where he was arrested in the labrat sting operation to new york now the u.s. media dubbed him the merchant of death he was accused of seeking to make millions of dollars by selling weapons to to a terror group so could attack u.s. forces that were helping the colombian government have been his attorney of argue the u.s. authorities framed a legitimate businessman they point. the case is built on recorded conversations that were open to interpretation and never resulted in the exchange of any arms or money but today booth was convicted of conspiracy to kill americans and u.s. officials deliver anti-aircraft missiles and aid a terrorist organization the jury reached the verdict after deliberating for about six hours over the course of two days who could get life in prison when he sentenced in february of next year. now to talk about the supreme court's citizens united ruling the one that allows for unlimited flows of money from corporations
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and unions into our elections and it's finally getting challenge on paper from lawmakers on capitol hill last night six democratic senators introduced a constitutional amendment that would in effect overturn the ruling restore the author already to congress and the states to regulate the campaign finance system and it's a move that's sure to get some cheers from the occupy wall street crowd and as we head into the next presidential election where an unprecedented amount of money is expected to be spent it could be a more important time but what are the chances of an amendment actually going through joining me from our studio in los angeles and asperin co-host of the young turks and i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight and now you are you and i was talking about this before you and janke have been calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn the citizens united ruling and what do you know somebody is actually calling for the exact same thing within the halls of congress so excited. i'm half excited and a little skeptical and i'll explain why in a second so you have senators tom udall all and michael bennett proposing they are
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. a constitutional amendment and it sounds good on paper what they're asking for is to end corporate personhood which is something that i'm definitely in favor of they want to overturn citizens united which has been completely toxic to our political system however they want to allow congress to regulate campaign finance ok and they are not putting any language in this constitutional amendment that would dictate what the regulations should be so they're leaving it up to congress which makes me a little skeptical because is congress willing to bite the hand that feeds i don't really think so the majority of people in congress right now are bought so are they really going to be. strong leaders in campaign finance i doubt it but i don't even think we're going to get to that point i don't think that this cause. constitutional amendment will even get the votes necessary from legislators in
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order for it to pass our will so tell me how you would like to see it in a perfect world how would it have this have been done or you know in the way that you and jack are asking for this to happen what would it look like well we'd like to make sure first of all you need to make sure that all campaign contributions are disclosed and that's something that democrats in congress tried to get passed in the past but it did not work at all republicans were not buying it they want corporations and you know even political action committees to donate as much money as possible without even having to disclose how much money they've donated and whom they've donated it to so that's a really big problem and another problem is we need real campaign finance reform we need to limit the amount of money that people can donate to politicians so with wolfpack which is something that jane cuber launched he is saying that donation should be limited to one hundred dollars and i think that that's extremely reasonable that way everyone has a voice you don't have to be a millionaire you don't have to be the elite in this country you know small
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donations are enough and you have publicly financed campaigns as opposed to having these private corporations take over everything ok but so you know you said that you don't think that what's in there in utah and another senator's right now are proposing is going to go through because there isn't the political will but would there be the political will for what jank is proposing me let's also talk about how difficult it actually is to get a constitutional amendment you either need two thirds of congress or you need three quarters of state legislatures and that will route has actually never even been taken so what do you think the chances realistically of something like this ever happening are. i'm not overly optimistic it's going to be extremely difficult i mean in the history of the united states there have been eleven thousand constitutional amendments proposed only twenty seven of them have actually passed in terms of congress passing a constitutional amendment we have never had the necessary two thirds of congress approve a constitutional amendment we have to depend on the states to have something known
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as a constitutional convention and we need to have three quarters of all states have a constitutional convention that approves a constitutional amendment so that's the way that's the route that is going to attempt to do this and do i think that that's still going to be extremely difficult absolutely but we're seeing more and more grassroots efforts throughout the country for instance you see boulder colorado they have just passed a ballot measure saying that they would like to see citizens united overturned the same thing happened in madison wisconsin so you're starting to see more and more people on a local level ask for this constitutional amendment and if you get enough support you can completely bypass congress and make it happen the question is are we going to be able to convince people and inform people enough of what's really going on in our political system a lot of americans aren't even aware of citizens united or the fact that our
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supreme court has granted corporations personhood so you need to inform the public you need to know that you need to let them know exactly how this has really destroyed our own political system and get them to be politically active and i think the fact that occupy wall street and all these occupy movements have been so successful thus far really helps us with this goal yeah it's definitely a tough battle though because while a little more than a year before the next presidential election we know that both candidates republicans and democrats both sides are going to try to get as much money as they can and so we know that both parties don't want to sit is there to be over to. and i'm happy that you mentioned the local route let's also talk about something about a movement is doing in iowa they decided to occupy the iowa caucuses and they're going to try and close down the offices of all the republican candidates there and that of president obama do you think that that's a good idea is this finally a way that they're finding you know to make themselves more politically viable to
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really try to interfere with the political process i actually think it's genius and i'll tell you why right now the mainstream media is very focused on the elections and it's not just the mainstream media it's also politicians right the number one thing on their minds right now are the elections you know what's going to happen with the republicans who are we going to end up nominating that kind of thing and at this point i think that it's a great way for the protesters to get themselves into that story so for them to occupy presidential headquarters in iowa is a big story it's going to get a lot of attention and it's going to get attention from the actual politicians so i'm in favor of it i think that it's a great strategy as long as they remain peaceful and they don't do anything illegal you know that as soon as they do the mainstream media is going to focus on that aspect of the story as opposed to what their actual demands are but i think that this is a smart strategy and i hope that it turns out to be a success yeah hopefully definitely you know there it won't and the same way and
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you know what we saw going on in oakland over the last week in terms of violent thought just get on the news because they happen to be there but i know that you're actually going to oakland tonight where are you going. i'm going because i mean first of all this movement is so inspirational to me personally but also i want to be there i think that it's historical and i want to be there to show the protestors that the young turks and you know nonconventional media is definitely supporting them and i want to hear from them i want to interview as many people as possible and get their perspective on what's going on with this movement so i'm extremely excited about being there you know i did a little coverage from occupy l.a. and just speaking to those protesters you get a better idea and you get a better sense of just how intelligent they are and just how horrible the coverage has been of these moving movements of the mainstream media because as you and i have talked about several times you know they get portrayed as these idiots who don't know what they're even there for and you know when you really talk to them firsthand you get a sense of just how intelligent and well informed they really are i wish i could go
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to we have lucy doing a great job up there for us and i thank you so much for joining us tonight. thanks a lot. now i wear it when we return we have to nice and you said it i read it and then it should last three be hit with a transaction tax on every single trade they make some people on capitol hill are proposing it just dive into the topic and just to. review the latest in something. from. the future coverage.
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live from moscow this is our team let's get right to our top headlines right now over ten thousand documented wall street protesters have shut down the port of oakland in california authorities at america's fifth largest seaport say work will only resume when it's declared safe from where we have our confidence on the line from oakland now lucy can you tell us what's going on there right now i'm sure you were. in fact we we think that there are many more than twenty thousand i think in your group the port of oakland that they're not that they're all the structure we've got protesters marching down to get hold of the different thing that we're going to work for me even if you go there in your face in the country that would be shutting down the entire parking operation you know pretty good i would walk street movement because that sort of gives the movement and you two on the arsenal you know not just.